Break on through to the other side

Thinking about thinking is one thing. Thinking about how to acknowledge and foster students when thinking about thinking is another. This is the conundrum of the LTLs this last week.

We spent this week looking at the needs of Learning Coaches at HPSS – from the structures that they need to support and guide students in their learning to the more specific aspects of the digital support that they need. I spent the week gleaning as much information from Kristyn from HPPS about how she is using the whole brain profile (Hermman’s Brain) to develop the whole student. I was really inspired when I was fortunate enough to sit in on a student conference in the senior learning commons. Hearing how Kristyn and the student discussed her learning, how they used the primary school learner profile to acknowledge the different ways that students can develop their dispositions and really engage with their learning.

We spent some time as a team discussing the potential of our online tools for our learner profile – how to use Moodle, KAMAR, My Portfolio and the Google apps to support our learners. I felt really lucky to have experience with all of these tools and know how my old school used them in the past, what the potential could be.  I was tasked with delving into KAMAR but, as we are still awaiting the access info, found myself exploring the whole brain dominance model and how this could be used for our learner profile.

The SLLs shared their unpacked, hacked, reconstituted NZ Curriculum. It is a brilliant model and provides more guidance than any inquiry/ design thinking based model I have come across. Ka pai to them!

On Friday we worked effectively as a team to really crack what the learner profile is going to be.  A dispositional curriculum should not use a similar model as a teaching and learning model. We love that our model will sit alongside, support and be supported by the model devised by the SLLs.  We are planning on using a model based around our Hobsonville Habits.  We are now moving into refining and testing the model that we have devised. Exciting stuff at HPSS.