DSC02665Blogging is not something which is new for me but I have never before had a systematic means of scribbling down my ideas and collating any resources which I think are worth sharing…

This blog focuses on all things education. I do have another travel blog which captures more of my interests and passions beyond the classroom. Check it out here.

I am an education consultant working for Evaluation Associates Ltd. out of our Auckland office. Part of my work is supporting schools in Leadership and Assessment, and teacher appraisal. I’m passionate about Assessment for Learning and supporting students and teachers to keep growing, learning and improving.

Prior to moving into consulting, I was part of the foundation staff at Hobsonville Point Secondary School and even later back than that, I was the Head of Classical Studies at Northcote College in Auckland.

I completed my Masters in Professional Studies in Education in 2013 where I focused on Assessment for Learning. I also have a Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Arts.

You can find me on Twitter @mrsmeganpete or my boards on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/mrsmeganp/


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