No grades classrooms: a TEDx presentation

Browsing through my Pinterest page this morning, I stumbled upon this video (pinned by Starr Sackstein) from Mark Barnes. I am a big fan of not “marking” kids work or prescribing grades to them. Four simple words rally do summarise how we could rethink assessing – focusing on learning rather than performance.

Video here

S.E.2R = simplicity. However, the challenge here is still to ensure that there is quality feedback going on. Dialogic feedback is key but it needs to push to the self-regulating level (as described by Hattie and Timperley) rather than more surface feedback about a task or process.

I’m looking froward to exploring this more in the 2015 school year.

Mark Barnes page on SE2R as narrative feedback
Hattie and Timperley’s seminal work on The Power of Feedback


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