#TLT14 – Feedback Matters

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feedbacktlt1This weekend I attended the brilliant TLT14 event, organised by the equally brilliant Dave Fawcett & Jenn Ludgate.  It may have been at the end of a busy half term…and on a Saturday…but that didn’t stop hundreds of teachers turning up to share ideas.  What a great spirit.  This is a summary of my presentation.

feedbacktlt2Yes, feedback does matter!  This was a piece of feedback I received as an NQT (back in 1993) that I certainly acted on – I made a vow that I would never be that useless again!  Similarly, I used feedback to great effect over a decade ago in 2001 (following a massive defeat by the then world number 1 player, Eric Verhagen) to become Worthing’s number 1 Subbuteo player – knocking the reigning champion (fellow science teacher Craig Heward) off his heady perch!

feedbacktlt3So feedback certainly does matter!

hattie feedback

In his paper ‘The Power of…

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Mindset: The things we say

I love reading this blog and was most taken by the idea of struggle and panic thinking – particularly with what has been going on around me recently. Great post on mindset.

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I’ve written before (lots!) about growth mindset and why I think it’s important.  I think we need to be careful though.  If it’s really going to make a difference, we need to think very deeply about what it really means as teachers and leaders to be supporting a growth mindset in our schools.  Posters, assemblies and pictures are fine – but the way we will really make a difference to our students, in terms of developing their mindset, is the way we interact with them on a day to day basis – in particular, in the things we say to them.

mindsetbennetTo me, Tom’s description above nails it.  The problem is though, the more you think about mindset, the more you start to question the way we talk to students and the way in which schools operate.  A few examples follow (most of which I have used at some point in…

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